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February 2014 Minutes February 20, 2014 Update to City Council at Work Session 

March 2014 Minutes Agenda 1. Juvenile Justice Survey Responses and Diversion Update!  2.Marijuana Prevention  3. Hooka Presentation  4. NCCU Campus Community Coalition

April 2014 - Annual Conference!

May 2014 Minutes

ALEXSA is part of the SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment) program that we have discussed several times as part of TRY Healing Circles. ALEXSA is an evidence-based interactive software program that collects data on risk behavior, such as substance use, academic performance, parental involvement, and peer relationships. We would collect baseline data with ALEXSA and measure changes following youth's involvement in the SBIRT program. Partners have agreed to allow DPS to use the software free of charge. This is an opportunity to see a demo the software. Another component of this initiative is TimeWise a program proven successful with youth involved in risky behavior and marijuana use. There are other applications such as in Juvenile Justice.

June 2014 Dr. Greenblatt  Vera Weinstein  The Policy

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