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Pinnacle CDC dba Durham T.R.Y. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization founded in 2003

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MISSION: To prevent substance use among youth by reducing community risk factors
through education, mobilization and collaborative action.



Meet Dr. Wanda Boone

Drug Free Community Support Program 2017- 2022 
North Carolina Prevent Underage Drinking 2017-2018
Durham Alcohol Beverage Commission 2017-2018
MSI HIV SA Prevention - NCCU 2016-2018
Division of Community Health/NPCC Chronic Pain Initiative 2015-2017
Durham Civitan The Exchange Club 2012
Pinnacle CDC dba Together for Resilient Youth (TRY) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization founded in 2003. TRY's Policies and Procedures comply with federal and state requirements. TRY prevents substance abuse among youth and overtime adults by reducing community risk factors through advocacy, education, mobilization and action. Together for Resilient Youth (TRY) is a Drug Free Community Support Program grantee (DFC) in year 4 of the award. DFC grantee coalitions must be established community-based youth substance use prevention groups capable of effecting community- level change.

What is a coalition? A coalition is defined as a community-based formal arrangement for cooperation and collaboration among groups or sectors of a community in which each group retains its identity, but all agree to work together toward a common goal of building a safe, healthy, and drug-free community. TRY is a mature coalition led by Wanda Boone, founder and Executive Director as the change facilitator.

About the Executive Director: Wanda Boone is the Champion of Change Facilitator. She has engaged almost all formal and informal leaders with a large segment of youth and parents to be involved in the advancement of prevention activities. Wanda is a member of influential national, statewide and local committees that will further advance the goals of TRY's comprehensive prevention action plan to reduce the outcomes of drug use and misuse that can be linked to crime, school suspensions, health, mental health, addiction, suicide attempts and accidental overdoses. She is a Co-founder of the East Durham Children's Initiative, Member of the Governor's Task Force on Substance Use and Gangs, a Co-Chair on the Mayor's Poverty Reduction Initiative Public Safety and Health Subcommittees, Member of the Durham Crime Cabinet, Agency member of the Misdemeanor Diversion Program, Chair of the Health Committee of the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People, Member of the City-Wide PAC, Vice Chair, Northeast Central Durham Leadership Council, Member of the Duke Population Health Improvement Leadership Advisory Board; Member School Advisory Group for the Duke Integrated Pediatric Mental Health Collaborative; Member Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America and NC Health Disparities Workgroup.

Surgeon General's Recognition: The Office of the US Surgeon General stated his appreciation for TRY, "for bringing the National Prevention Strategy priorities to life in [your] community. [Your] organization has built a large grassroots coalition with engaged stakeholders from a variety of sectors which is quite impressive". TRY is a spotlight member of the National Institute on Drug Abuse National Drug Facts Week Initiative.

CULTURAL COMPETENCE IS KEY: Cultural Diversity, Built Community, Health Disparities

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The Board of Directors

Chair: Terence Maloney, Special Education Educator

Secretary: Joshua Ladd

Treasurer: Darnell Greene, Masters Criminal Justice 

Executive Director

Dr. Wanda Boone, T.R.Y. Founder Doctoral Candidate

Representative Office of the White House Faith and Community Partnerships for NC 2008-2016

Governor's Task Force on Substance Use, Education and Gangs 

Co-Founder, East Durham Children's Initiative

Chair African American Improvement Project

Vice Chair, Northeast Central Durham Leadership Council

Duke Population Health Improvement Leadership Advisory Board,

School Advisory Group for the Duke Integrated Pediatric Mental Health Collaborative

Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America

NC Talk it Out! Initiative

NC Behavioral Health Disparities Initiative

NC Lock Your Meds Campaign

Injury Free North Carolina







Advisory Board

L'Tanya Gilchrist, Community Health Worker, Dept. of Health District 1

Nancy Kneepkens, District 2 Facilitator, Data Specialist MI

Mindy Solie, District 3 Member, Realtor

Harold Chestnut District 4 & City-Wide, Retired Businessman

Coalition Members and Supporters

Yholima Varga Aleem

Raheem Aleem

Marketa Baker

Ashley Bass-Mitchell

Ginger Blubaugh

Earl Boone

Angelo Burch

Tasha Butts

J. P. Carden

Xavier Cason

Annette L. Chandler

Harold Chestnut

Earl Chestnut

Harlan Crenshaw

Karen Everett

William Felton

Minnie Forte-Brown

J. Ra'chel Fowler

Dedreanna Freemon

Carla Fryling

Tannu Gupta

Keely Hargraves

Paula Harrington

Cindy Haynes

Carol Henderson

Tia Howard

Wendy Jacobs

Judith Johnson-Hostler

Nancy Kneepkens

Jovonia Lewis

Melody Marshall

Jennifer Meade

Angie Mejia

Stephanie Morgan

Ian Pond

Ellen Reckhow

LaVerne Reid

Joanie Ross

Amy Rublein

Steve Schewel

Nicole Schramm-Sapyta

Cheryl Shiflett

Mindy Solie

Jason Southworth

Anne Sporn

Anh Tran

Helen Tripp

Pamela Wall

Mary White

Living in Future Tense (LIFT) - Youth Coalition

 Angie Mejia, LIFT Facilitator

College T.R.Y.  




YE Smith




Merrick Moore


School of Medicine


The School for Creative Studies


Josephine Dobbs Clement Early College


Durham School of the Arts


Durham Community BADD


Wake County Community BADD


Cumberland County Community BADD


Action for Reaction in Maple Grove, Minnesota


San Bernadino High School, California


Newport News, Virginia

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